Behavioural & Soft Skill Training

Personal Development

Communication Skills

Inspite of being the most common behavior, it also stands to be the most challenging. This program focuses on the importance of effective communication in today’s business world and its barriers. Be it verbal, non-verbal or written (e-mail), the program empowers individuals with the appropriate nuances of effective business communication skills.

Creativity & Problem Solving

In this program, participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the left-and-right-brain thinking, analyze problems, spur creativity and implement innovative ideas in a practical way.

Presentation Skills

This experiential training program aims at helping individuals hone their presentation delivery skills. Right from overcoming stage fear to delivering an effective presentation, participants are made aware of different do’s and don’ts of a successful presentation. Primarily focusing on three areas – stage presence, content management and audience handling, participants are made to practice multiple times followed by individual feedback.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills play a very crucial role today when people are caught up in technology and information overload and the lack of human warmth and emotional intelligence is evident. Our training program will help individuals in working harmoniously and effectively with team members, understanding team dynamics, managing conflicts and working towards the overall goal.

Probing Skills

This program is aimed at improving the skills of the participants to formulate and ask the right question and obtain the desired information effectively. Probing for more information, listening v/s hearing, and practicing how to be a better listener are integral parts of the program.

Business Writing Skills

The Business Writing Skills program teaches the best practices business people must know to be able to write clear, effective, professional business documents, especially email, memos, letters and reports.  It covers the essentials of grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and sentence construction. It also helps participants to understand the various approaches, techniques and styles of business writing.

Business Etiquette and Grooming

This program empowers participants with the appropriate nuances of conducting themselves in the workplace and outside. It ensures that the brand image that participants project to the outside world is one of professionalism. With simple dos and dont’s participants become more confident and self-assured. The program brings to fore some hard hitting truths about why clients sometimes lose trust on individuals because of poor grooming standards.

Confidence with Clients

This program focuses on learning the methods of handling client interactions in a professional manner. It helps participants understand the steps to be taken to ensure adequate preparation prior to client meetings. This experiential training program takes participants through all stages of client interactions right from setting up a meeting to delivering a client presentation.

Train the Trainer – Facilitation

This program is for new trainers and experienced trainers who have not had formal education in training. It is also for those trainers who need a refresher to improve their classroom techniques and methods to transfer learning to work situations. Trainers will learn effective training techniques for managing participants, engaging a variety of learning styles, creating an effective positive learning environment and managing classroom challenges.

Time Management

Personal time management is about managing the use of your most valuable and undervalued resources. Poor management of time for many, results in unnecessary rushes, increase in stress and degradation of performance. This in turn affects other individuals and the work environment. Our program offers a set of skills to help the participants manage time and prioritize tasks effectively.

Managing Self and Others through Change

This program is aimed at preparing employees for change. It accounts for the natural resistance to change and allays the fear of moving out of a comfort zone that employees often face. The program focuses on understanding the true nature of resistance and infuses in employees the confidence associated with willingness to adapt to a changing scenario.

Negotiation Skills

During the final stages of closing a business deal,  arriving at mutually acceptable terms sometimes takes a lot of time and effort. Several issues need to be discussed at length and many have direct commercial implication or may have significant impact on the organization. At this point negotiations become more strategic in nature. This program will enable participants to negotiate deals with confidence and conviction in order to achieve positive outcomes.