Leadership Development

Young Leaders Development Program

This program is designed for individuals in the junior management cadre who have proven themselves in functional areas and are showing potential to be Managers of tomorrow. The program is crafted around providing them assistance in building skills in leadership areas suited to their role. It helps them understand some of the key competencies that are required for their overall development as a future leader.

Turning Point

Transitioning from the role of an individual contributor to that of a manager is not easy. You are no longer a specialist but a generalist; no longer an analyst but an integrator; no longer a warrior but a diplomat. Turning point helps first-time managers to understand their new responsibilities as a manager, overcome the tribulations they face in managing people who were till recently their peers and implement day-to-day supervisory skills to manage their new role better. This program equips first-time managers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to lead teams and get the best out of them.

Being Assertive

Being assertive is a delicate art. Hold the Dove too tightly and you will kill it, but if you hold it too loosely, you will lose it. This program is aimed at recognizing and acknowledging the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive behavioral styles of communication and helping participants arrive at the right calibration. The program upholds the need to be flexible, socially sensitive and yet be firm and assertive. It enables participants to be viewed as motivating, engaging and building a positive atmosphere within teams.