Digital Simulation & Gamification

Learning Levers is medium agnostic when it comes to providing the best training and capability building programs. We boast a strong digital training capability in custom e-learning module development, business simulation, gamification and scalable Learning Management System (LMS)

Business Simulations

In today’s business world, the cost of mistakes are very high and therefore ensuring first-time-right action is mission critical. Business simulations are designed to create a parallel world where employees can practice and sharpen their skills without the fear of making errors. In fact, errors are accepted in a simulated world because the stakes are zero here and you can only gain from it by learning from them.

Learning Levers collaborates with its client’s business teams to map current challenges and identify the skill gap. Using our extensive experience in modeling, Learning Levers creates a simulated reality where learners are exposed to challenges in line with his/her current level. Being immersive and engaging, simulations recreate the next best thing possible to an actual world and trains the learner towards the required skill level. Instant feedback on every action aids in quicker learning and encourages continuous practice.

After all, practice makes a man perfect !


Games are engaging, fun and help in keeping the learners focused on the task at hand. In corporate training, gamification has proven to be beneficial during up-skilling of resources. By injecting the elements of fun and competition into online training programs, the mundane and monotony is broken and individual are motivated to compete at the next level.

At Learning Levers, we use game theory framework for scenario modeling and blend it with our storytelling expertise. The objective of every game is to create a playing field which provides the right stimuli to learn and master the skills. Result – A game designed and mastered through repeated practice.

Custom e-Learning module and Learning Management System

Fostering continuous learning and growth across an organization requires a comprehensive and coordinated training approach using different mediums over a period of time. Be it supporting employees on ways to improve their soft skill or training on new IT tools, business processes, sensitizing on compliance rules – Learning Levers tailors e-learning modules for specific business needs. Our expertise as a training organization and ability to deliver and administer programs across multiple mediums makes us a one-stop shop for all learning solutions.