Employee advocacy - Social media

Employee advocacy – Social media

In today’s digital era, everything published is news and its also been created by your own brand ambassadors i.e. employees. A vast majority of employees (74%), are using social media while at work on a daily basis. What goes on in social media – stays in social media. Boon or curse – depends how organization prepares for it.

Successful companies in digital era, are harnessing the cumulative power of all employees social media presence in a direction, which provides the best PR and brand building acceleration, far greater than the output of big PR houses, at no cost. Simultaneously, it prepares the company to have an army of volunteers, equipped to address negative news, incase it ever happens.

As per a study done by MSL group, brand messages reach 561% more when shared by employees than through the official brand channels. Most organization are sitting on top of this gold mine without a realization or direction to channelize this efficient organic engine towards:

  • Customers brand recall
  • Communicating brand values
  • Influencing customers buying behavior
  • Portraying quality of manpower
  • Attracting talent
  • Reducing attrition

Harnessing this captive talent pool to build on what the brand is communicating creates an immense impact across the overall company goal. Impact is 10X more than what the CEO of a company communicates. It is viewed as organic, truthful and real views of real known people across employees social media network. Influencer marketing at its best.

Channelizing employees social media presence to become the brand ambassadors is critical for any large, mid or small size organization. The do’s and don’ts, digital avatar consulting, living the brand values online etc, are some of the critical skills any employees should have. Any negative comment either on the brand, people’s demography, religion or gender leaves a permanent mark.  

Social media – Employee advocacy, is a new age program for the digital world. Hygiene program in one hand and a key lever towards growth in brand equity on the other.

At Learning Levers, Social media – Employee advocacy program is designed towards building the brand reputation and help employees across all levels, to be a more aware and responsive ambassadors or self and the company.

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