Design Thinking meets Agile

Design Thinking meets Agile

You cannot deep dive on solving a problem without focusing on the problem to solve. Multiple initiatives fails as organization jumps right into solving a problem without having the problem well articulated and verified.

Design thinking provides the framework and tools in problem-finding and Agile brings the framework on problem-solving.

Innovation is not a eureka moment but a continuous journey. Organizations that are known for their constant innovation have a strong framework to support the same. It’s not about a single department or team, the whole organization works towards it. To build a culture of innovation, adaptability and problem solving, organization needs to embed a framework that put’s end consumer at center and supports constant change with iterative improvements. Design Thinking meets Agile is for organizations where innovation and change is the differentiator between market leadership and competition. What started in the field of architecture as Design Thinking and Agile in IT product development, non-IT teams i.e. HR, operations, sales support are now waking up to the importance of being a topline enabler. How well teams innovate, adapt to the future change as a cohort and adds value to its customers makes all the differences between a leader and “we too ran” competitors.

Best results are achieved when there is a bottom-up approach. HR being the common thread across the organization, their influence is crucial for a culture change. Typically organization focuses on its revenue generation team, i.e. sales to lead the change.  However, long lasting and organic change comes from the support functions. Its like surrogate marketing with real results on display. When people who are at the core, practises what they preach, the results are clearly visible to others. Design Thinking with Agile has a clear benefit for support functions who in turn becomes its change agents across. A collaborative and innovative support team makes the perfect hull for a ship to steer into the unknowns world. Not only it’s more efficient, the change is also more long lasting and does not require constant push, that is typical of the top down approach.

We at Learning Levers work with corporates to customize Design Thinking meets Agile program to meet their business requirement in the environment they work. A standardize program on Design Thinking is to create awareness, Learning Levers program is designed towards implementation and results.

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